Pleased by Solar Energy Amendment

I am pleased by the work by the Lyme Planning Board has done regarding a proposed Solar Energy amendment. This change to the ordinance will need approval at Town Meeting in March 2023 go into effect.

The new language will permit individuals to install up to 40 kW of solar panels with minimal regulation. (A solar installation for an “average home” is typically between 6kW and 15kW, and would provide adequate energy for electric heat pumps and charging electric vehicles.) The panels of a 40kW would have a footprint of approximately 2,000 square feet – about the size of a modest barn. If you could install a barn of that size, you will only need a zoning permit install a similar size array. This draft language is fairly well complete.

Larger arrays (up to 400kW, with footprints of up to 20,000 square feet) would be allowed with a Conditional Use Permit. The language permitting these larger arrays is still a work in progress to be discussed at upcoming Planning Board meetings, notably September 8 and 22.

Here are links to the relevant documents:

I would be curious to hear your thoughts about this proposal. Thanks!

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