Believe them…

When people tell you what they are going to do, believe them.

In tomorrow’s election, only one party is saying that they want to insert government officials into medical decisions, to limit the right to vote, and then to permit state officials to overrule the clear vote of the people.

These are not American values. And once they are lost, they cannot be regained.

Even if you don’t care for the policies of the other candidates, please do not give your support people who say these things. Vote for Democrats.

Note: these opinions are solely my own, and certainly not those of any public body on which I may serve.

Update on Housing Chapter

The Planning Board began talking about a Housing Chapter for the Lyme Master Plan at their last meeting. I got to distribute my thoughts on housing (from my posting in June) which began a discussion of the issues.

You can watch the proceedings on the video on Youtube. (The link goes to the start of the discussion.)

I expect the Planning Board to solicit input and feedback from residents of Lyme – please watch your mailbox, the Listserv and posters around town for announcements.

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